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Product Name :  Polyterpene Resin
Item No. :  Polyterpene Resin
Details :  
Polyterpene resin is made from natural turpentine. It has excellent heat stability, good aging resistance ,good compatibility with SIS, SBS, EVA and natural rubber, etc.
It is soluble in benzene, toluene, turpentine , gasoline, insoluble in water, methanol and ethanol.
Test item
Solid or Viscous Liquid
Softening Point (R&B℃)   
Color (Gardner)
6.0 Max
Acid value (mgKOH/g)
1.0 Max
Toluene insoluble
0.05% Max
Suggested Uses:
Polyterpene resin is used for hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesives, decorative adhesive,solvent adhesive,agriculture, spreader sticker, rubber,paint,ink,etc.
Packing :
25 kg paper bag, 200kg iron drum or as the request of customer.
Store in cool place, free from contamination, keep away from high temperature, fire, water,and oxidant agent.

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